Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Outside Time

Yesterday I wanted to be outside,
but I wanted to make good and sure Mom was 
going to be there with me.

So she went ahead of me and invited me out
across the grass.

I immediately had a good roll on the sidewalk.

Then I went and chewed on the tasty plant.

Mmmmm...tasty plant.

Then I stared up at Angel's window for a very long time.

To my annoyance, however, she did not appear.

Then I asked Mom if we could go into the clubhouse.
She said, 'no'.
So I tried rolling around and being cute.

That is...until the door suddenly opened!


After going inside for awhile, I once again
asked Mom to take me outside.

I began again with a roll on the sidewalk.
When I wandered over to the tasty plant,
however, the fun ended.

That big dog came down the sidewalk.
So Mom had to pick me up, carry me inside, 
and close the door.

Then the dog finally passed through my territory.

Since Mom felt it was no longer safe for 
me to be outside, I had to settle for the window sill.

Oh yeah, the Monday People came over too.
I waited around until they all left one by one.

Then I finally got Mom to take me for a nighttime recon.

Mom didn't let me go everywhere I wanted,
but I still got to smell some car bumpers and bushes.

Mom and I argued about where to go until
she got moody with me and put me on the tether.

After a little while the sprinklers started to come on!
Thankfully Mom came and carried me quickly inside.

I only go a tiny bit wet.
Mom had to towel off.