Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bad Start to a Day

Yesterday when Mom and I went to go make the 
usual rounds, there was something strange on the grass.

Now I ask you, who leaves bones lying around?


After a brief visit with Nice Lady 2,
we went down the hall to the side door that
leads to home.

I couldn't wait for Mom to open the door.
When she did, however,
that's when I hit a snag.


It happened so fast,
but near as I can tell, my tag got caught
on the door just as it opened.

I was sure Mom had done something to punish me
for some reason.

I ran into the house as fast as I could and hid under the desk.
Mom came to comfort me,
but I didn't trust her.
So she lay down on her back on the floor near me
and spoke sweetly to 
show me her intentions.
That helped a lot!
I began to calm down and she was able to check and 
make sure I wasn't hurt.

After that she let me snuggle with her.

I stayed there for as long as she let me.

It helped that Doctor Who was on.

Even after Mom had to move into a different position,
I went to great efforts to regain a spot on her lap.

Later that night, Monday Aunt and Uncle came over.

Monday Aunt was super sweet and gave me the
condensation on the side of her glass.

After that, I got a bit hyper.

I had a lot of fun.

Daddy had put these cardboard things in
the living room, so I really enjoyed playing
around them...

...and sitting under them.