Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Change in Routine

Yesterday, when Daddy left for work,
Mom went with him.
I was so confused.
I thought this meant that Mom would be gone all day too.

I was consumed with loneliness and put Mimzy in 
my food bowl for comfort.

To my surprise, however, she was only gone
 for a couple of hours.

I guess she had already picked up the mail,
because we went straight across to the side door
that leads to the Nice Ladies' office.

I was pretty relaxed in there.

Eventually I did go underneath my favorite chair.

I was so relaxed that when Mom came to tell me
it was time to go home this was my reaction:

After much pleading from Mom,
I finally meandered down the hall towards home.

When I finally went out the door,
I took my sweet time crossing the grass.

When I got home,
I took my sweet time getting to the door.

Unfortunately, Mom left again.

When my humans finally came home I explained
to them that I had been lonely.

Then I immediately asked Mom for a nighttime recon.
What I got was tethered patio time.

As I walked out to the sidewalk,
I shot a quick glance toward the upstairs window.

She was there, looking down at me!

Calico Angel.

Eventually I had to go back inside.
So I tried convincing Mom to play with me.

She proved useful.

After a bit of play in the dining room...

...I moved her to the living room.

It was fun, until she accused me of "lazy fake play"
and I accused her of "not doing it right".