Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Not Getting My Way

Yesterday Mom took me on our usual rounds.
It was nice outside when we went to get the mail,
but I had been content in my window sill.

The Nice Ladies' office was quiet.

I wandered around a bit at first, but then settled down under my chair.
Mom left the flap up so I could see out.
At first, I didn't mind.
Later, however, after I had explored the office again,
I found my chair less than secure.
I tried hiding behind it, but it wasn't quite right.

Fortunately Mom took pity on me and put the flap down.

Then that small human came in.
Then she left the office with her Mom,
so I thought it would be okay.

At some point, Mom attached my leash and had me sit
in Nice Lady 2's office with her.

Then the small human came back.

She petted me a few times.
I was nervous, but it wasn't so bad.

I didn't mind when Nice Lady 2 walked near me...

...but when the small human approached me too quickly
I had to protest!

Fortunately she seemed to be able to learn.

She did O.K. after that, but I still kept
a wary eye on her.

When I finally got home, I took advantage of my territory.
Mom had left the door open, so I sprawled out in the
safety of my dining room while enjoying the scents and
sights of the great outdoors.

It was only a brief respite.
Mom left.

Daddy came home before she did.
At least when she returned she sat out on the patio for awhile.

I took that time to look for Angel.

My calico beauty, however, was not to make an 
appearance for me.

Then Mom made me go inside as she and Daddy prepared 
once again to leave me.

She petted me and told me to be a good boy while they were gone.

To which I said,

Which came out as a swat at Mom's hand and a hiss.

I got scolded.
That is, Mom hissed back.

So I retreated under the table to my Box of Rebellion.

They weren't gone very long.
So I began to ask for a nighttime recon.
I didn't get it of course.

At least Daddy refilled his water cup just for me.

One small gesture of caring.

I thought maybe Mom would also like to offer
a gesture of kindness in the way of a nighttime recon.

So I renewed my attempts at convincing her.

She did not give in.

I will not give in either!