Saturday, September 27, 2014

Not a Normal Friday

Yesterday Daddy was home early, 
but we still went on our usual rounds.

I wasn't feeling very social, and went straight
to my favorite spot under the chair.

But wait...what's that in the foreground?

It seems somebody left me a note!

Nice Lady 2 said that she thought it might have been
Other Nice Lady 3.

Now, I've mentioned Nice Lady 3 before, but I
don't believe I've mentioned Other Nice Lady 3.
The thing is, she has the same markings as Nice Lady 3,
but she smells different.

It was really sweet of her to leave me a note!
Thank you, Other Nice Lady 3!

I felt really welcome under my chair and decided to stay there.

Besides, Daddy had joined Mom and I on our usual rounds...

...and that threw off my groove.
Nothing against Daddy, he's just not usually with
us at this time.
And a cat needs his routine.

Since Mom left the flap up on my chair,
I edged into a slightly more hidden position.

When Mom said it was time to go, I didn't quite believe her.
Then I realized she was all the way at the side door.
So I scuttled down the hall with a quick check back to see if 
Daddy was coming home too.

After a relaxing afternoon at home,
Nice Boy showed up and took both 
Mom and Daddy away!

I guess it was his birthday, so I'll forgive him.

I was lonely, though, so I put Mimzy in my food bowl.

When Mom and Daddy finally returned I got right
to work asking for a nighttime recon.

Mom got me all suited up to go outside,
then taunted me by not opening the door within
3 seconds.

"Come on, Mom!  I don't have patience!  I'm a cat!"

I enjoyed the brief recon we had, 
but there were still a lot of humans and dogs out.

Mom made me go inside right when I finally 
caught sight of Angel in the upstairs window.


I just had to curl up next to Mom on the couch
and hope she would change her mind about
a second nighttime recon.