Friday, September 19, 2014

Just When I Had Given Up

Yesterday Mom let me stay in the window sill
while she went on the usual rounds without me.

When she came home, I was happy to see her.

Apparently she wasn't feeling very well and decided
to spend much of the day in the chair with her feet up.

So I got to curl up on her lap for a really long time.

When evening came, she let me out on my tether for awhile.

Then Monday Aunt came over and I came inside.

Eventually everyone was there.
Mom, Daddy, and both Monday Aunt and Uncle.
The only person missing was Sarcastic Monday.

It sure felt like it.

I went through cycles of activities.
I would run around a play.

Then settle close to Mom.

Then play, then get the idea.

I got a great nap in again while all the humans were 
watching their shows.
All the while, Mom stroked my paw.

It was nice.
I had pleasant dreams.

When all the extra humans left I thought  
all the nighttime activities were over.
Mom didn't seem interested in doing anything,
and Daddy was busy on the computer.
So I settled onto a blanket.

Then suddenly Mom got up and unlocked the door.
I meowed with so much excitement that my voice 
came out all weird.
Mom and Daddy seemed very amused by it.

Then Mom got out my harness and leash.
I couldn't contain myself!

"Open the door already, Mom!"
She deliberately taunted me and took 
for-e-ver to open the door.

FINALLY I got my nighttime recon!

There were so many interesting smells and sounds.

I even saw a dead frog.

When we went by Angel's window I paused to look for her.

Unfortunately she wasn't there.

Still, it was a great day!