Thursday, September 18, 2014

Restless Discontent

Yesterday I was feeling insecure.
Mom knows this is what happens when I don't get
my nighttime recon.
So after the previous night's lack of recon,
I began my Wednesday under the bed.

Still, Mom and I made the usual rounds.
I was not content in the slightest, however, being
in the office.
You'd think I would be very eager to leave,
but I walked down the hallway towards my home
at a normal pace.

I even crossed the grass at a normal pace.

Not a trace of eagerness showing.
It was more like apathy.

I didn't even really feel like sitting outside and
opted for the back of the couch.

Mom called to me a few times before I finally relented.

Quick glance to check for Angel.

It was a nice day, but it didn't penetrate my apathy.

Mom tried to spark my enthusiasm with Mimzy 
served in a jar of nip.

This was probably the best part of my day.

Although, that didn't even hold my attention for as long 
as you'd think.  (I blame the bit of nip that hit me in the eye.)

So I returned to the back of the couch.

Eventually, because it was Wednesday, Mom left.
While she was gone I didn't play with a single toy.
I didn't even put Mimzy in the food bowl.

When Mom returned, she was smart enough to
take me for a nighttime recon.
This, of course, would be the best part of my night.

 I had to play coy when she brought out the harness.

I let her put it on eventually.

After all, no harness, no recon.

Once outside I spent a great deal of time 
smelling this car bumper:

Then some time at the bird bush.

I also found this one spot that had a scent on it 
which I just wanted to examine all night.

Mom, however, did not. 
After a bit of arguing, I had to leave it.

When we got back to the front of my apartment,
I looked up to the neighbors' window.

She was there!
Angel was there looking back at me!

Okay, so was Charlie, but whatever.

Then Mom and I went and joined Daddy on the patio.

I tried to get Angel to come to that side of the house,
but she never came.
So I just sat on top of the box under the window.

Eventually I got bored and went inside.

When I say, 'I got bored', you must understand.

At one point, after I had made a stinky in the litter box,
I began to run around the house at top speed.

This is normal for me for the most part.
I just feel so light and free after making a good stinky.

This time, however, I really went all out.
I ran so fast and with so much vigor that I let out 
a loud growl as I charged down the hallway.

I just couldn't contain myself.

Then I wandered aimlessly around the house.
I had this sort of restless energy.
I went from one place to the next; never staying in one spot
for very long at all.
Mom tried calming me with some condensation...

...but I quickly lost interest and resumed my wandering.

I tried settling down on my carpet piece.

I tried the back of the couch.

I tried the top of the Xbox.

I even tried behind the TV.

Mom tried playing with me for a bit to see if that would help.

It held my interest for a brief time,
but I resumed my agitated state.

Nothing, it seems, could assuage my restlessness.

I didn't even know what I was rebelling against.

Maybe I'll be able to sleep it off,

but so far my attempts have resulted in restless dreams.