Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Calico Dreams

Sunday I spent some time outside.
So did Angel.
I tried my best to captivate her.

Sadly, I still couldn't reach her.

So I admired her from afar.

Later that evening, Auntie and Uncle came over.
I hissed at Auntie again.
That didn't go over very well.

So, feeling a bit alone, I ate dinner with Mimzy.

Monday was good.
After checking the mailbox, I was happy 
to visit the Nice Ladies in the office.

I made myself at home until Mom was ready to go.

Then we spent some time outside.
Mom walked with me to the corner of the building.

I don't often get so close to the Maintenance Den,

but I was feeling confident today.

After awhile I got bored and went inside with Mom.

When nighttime came around, my 
desire to be outside returned.

I chased a bug over to the clubhouse door.
After expressing my dismay at failing to catch it,
I caught something else out of the corner of my eye.


I called to her.

She left her window.

I was certain she would return eventually and 
kept a close watch.

Then Monday Aunt arrived.

My gaze only wavered for a moment before returning to 
Angel's empty window.

Eventually, of course, Mom made me go inside
with her and Monday Aunt.
Then Uncle, Daddy, and eventually Monday Uncle all showed up.

The humans did their thing.
I sat with Mom for a bit, but then retreated to the 
second story of my box hotel.

When it sounded like all the visiting humans had gone,
I poked my head out to be sure.

The coast was clear.


Now I shall have my playtime.

I convinced Mom to entertain me.

"I got it..I got it!"

An almost perfect end to a great day.
(Perfection would have been a nighttime recon.)