Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pouting Time

Yesterday began with the usual trip to get the mail 
and stop to visit the Nice Ladies in the office.

Then Mom and I spent some time outdoors.
We walked over toward the bush where I always see the birds.
I saw them!
I stalked them.
They got away.
Mom was talking to the lady upstairs near the bush;
 two doors down from our house.

I guess this black and white kitty named Lucy lives there.
I looked up at her, but was completely uninterested.

As soon as we walked back to my house, I looked toward
our upstairs neighbors' window.

Sure enough, Angel was looking down at me.
I meowed and meowed to her.

After awhile Uncle and Auntie came over.

That's when I went into sulking mode.

I even hissed at Auntie.
She hissed back at me.
She used to be my favorite visitor, but I don't see
her as much as I used to.

I went into my box hotel and pouted.

This is my pouty face:

Mom offered me some of her glass condensation 
in an attempt to cheer me up.

I, however, was determined to remain in sulking mode.

Once Auntie and Uncle left,
I began to insist Mom take me for a nighttime recon.

I did not get my way.