Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Getting My Way

Sunday Mom carried me outside in hopes that
I would join her and Daddy on the patio.

Well, whether or not I wanted to be out there
was irrelevant;  a cat simply can't do what a human wants.

So I promptly went back inside.

Unfortunately I realized that I really did want to be out there.

That's the cat's dilemma.
So I ended up sitting on the patio with Mom
and Daddy just like the humans wanted.

Monday Mom and I made our usual rounds.
I went under my chair in the office for a bit,
only to have Nice Lady 2 lift the flap so I could be seen.

This meant, of course, that I could also see out.
I realized the coast was clear and emerged from 
my fortress.

I walked across the room to where Mom was,
but the stretchies got the best of my hind legs.

O.K., that felt good.

Later, Mom and I enjoyed some time on the patio.
I tried to wander down the sidewalk a bit,
but Mom stopped me and put my tether on.


Then she went inside for a moment.
I thought she wasn't paying attention.

I saw my Calico Angel in the upstairs window.
I climbed up on the air conditioning box and 
began calling to her.

As it turns out, Mom was paying attention.

She came right back outside and called me 
out to the sidewalk where I could get a better
look at Angel.

I was captivated.

Eventually the sun set;

I returned to an indoor vantage point,

and the Monday People came over.

I waited and waited for the humans to be
done with their socializing.
All the while, pining for a nighttime recon.

I had one coming since I didn't get one the night before.
So, rather than deal with a feisty rebellious cat,
Mom took me for a nighttime recon.

Feeling content that I had properly trained my human,
I relaxed for the rest of the night.

Sweet Calico dreams.