Friday, September 12, 2014

I'd Like My Routine Back Please

Yesterday Mom's schedule was all wrong.
She got up early again.
She left the house again...before Daddy even went to work!
It totally threw off my groove.

She was gone for much of the day,
so I got very little outside time.

By the time night came, I was a bit stir crazy.

I really wanted to go out for a nighttime recon.

Mom, however wasn't complying with my wishes.
Instead, she was hanging out with Computer Aunt.

She tried to get me to say 'hi', 
but I was more interested in other things.

I was so bored.
I sat down next to the door and waited.

Every time Mom approached me I got my hopes up.

A nighttime recon just wasn't going to happen.

So, when Mom and Daddy settled down in the living room,
I reluctantly joined them.

Then Mom cheered me up with a string toy.

(Sorry the pictures are dark, but that's where I have the most fun.)

Then Mom brought out the most wonderful container in the world.

The Jar of Catnip!

That's right, I said catnip.