Friday, September 5, 2014

Forced Out of My Grumpy Mood

Yesterday Mom decided that I was done 
sitting around the house being grumpy.

She made me go with her to check the mail and visit 
the Nice Ladies in the office.

I wasn't happy that I didn't have a say in the 
matter and hid under the chair I have claimed as mine.

After what seemed like forever, we went home.
I was happy enough to spend some time outside
under Mom's supervision.

That is, until this happened:

"Wait, did you just take an embarrassing photo of me?"

Despite the embarrassing photo,
I still managed to enjoy the late afternoon sun.

Once evening came and Daddy returned home,
I got a little rambunctious.

When nighttime was in full swing,
it happened.

Mom took me for a nighttime recon!

At one point I became obsessed with the scent 
on the bush in which I always see those birds.

After a long time, Mom managed to pull me away.
I gathered information from the scents on a couple more bushes.

Then I returned to the bird bush.

I got a bit distracted by the wind,

but ultimately returned to taking in the scents on the bush.

That is, until Mom became annoyed again.
So I ventured over by the office, which
was closed, and gathered scent information there too.

After that momentary distraction,
I convinced Mom to return to the bird bush.

That was it though, she had had enough.

We made another lap around the building 
before returning home.

I made sure she followed me to my food bowl.

I prefer to have someone watch over me while I eat.

After a quick bite, I let Mom know I wasn't 
ready to settle down for the night.

She picked up on my mood and brought out
my stick-and-string toy.

Then, and only then, I was ready to settle down.