Saturday, September 13, 2014

Not Quite Normal

Yesterday started off normal.
Mom and I went to get the mail and visit the Nice Ladies.

Then it all went weird.
There were sirens and Mom suddenly took me home.

The sirens seemed to have to other effect on my world.

Then Mom took me back to the office.

Then she took me home.

Then she took me to the neighbor's house.
Well, I thought that's what it was.
I was a bit nervous as we approached.
Nice Lady 2 was there.
I went into the house and for a second thought it was mine.
Then I realized it smelled all wrong.

I went down the hall and checked what I thought was 
the forbidden room.

Nothing was quite what I was expecting.
It looked a lot like my house, but there were
distinct differences.

For one thing, there was this extra room.

And this extra bathroom.

Well, I had seen enough.
It was like some weird empty house.
I didn't like it and told Mom I was ready to go home.

Mom let me walk home off-leash.
Mostly because she was right there with me 
and knew I would go straight home.
After all, it wasn't that far at all.

Just the same, I had to keep checking if she
was still behind me.
She was.

Then we had some nice normal outside time.

Unfortunately, Mom got it into her head to leave me
again and go swimming.

The day had been too weird for me to be comfortable
with her leaving; so I put Mimz in the food bowl.

When evening came we went back outside.
I looked for Angel.

At first she wasn't there.
Then she appeared in the upstairs window!
I got as close as I could.

Mom tried to explain to me that Angel 
and I couldn't see each other when I sat on the
air conditioning box.

I didn't really understand and kept meowing.
So Mom picked me up and held me up so I could see Angel.

Later, Daddy came home for awhile.
Then he and Mom left me again.
When they came home, I asked for a nighttime recon.

To my surprise, it was Daddy that took me.

We went for a short walk, but it just wasn't the same.

I led Daddy back into the house and meowed for Mom.

Finally, after what seemed like for-e-ver,
 she took me for a proper recon.

What can I say?

A cat needs things to been done a certain way.