Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wasted Day

Yesterday I sat in the window sill in my bedroom.

Not just for a little while.
I sat there all day.

Mom went to get the mail and visit the Nice Ladies without me.
When she returned, I was still in my window.

In fact, I didn't leave the window sill until around 5:45pm.

Eventually I meandered into the dining room and sat 
in my Box of Rebellion.

Even though Mom opened the door and invited me to go
out on the patio, I sat in my box for awhile.

Finally the scents emanating from outside lured me to the door.
I sat on the edge of the patio and meowed for Mom.

As it turns out, I was feeling a bit insecure.
I wanted to go to the sidewalk, but I needed Mom.

Even when she invited me, I had to wait for her
to reach the sidewalk and make sure the coast was clear
before I stepped one paw off of my patio.

I finally made it to the sidewalk for a nice roll.

After my roll and a bit of play with the sunlight 
reflecting off of Mom's watch,
I let her hold me.

Now, I need to explain.
When Mom and Daddy first adopted me I wouldn't
tolerate being held for even a second.

Slowly Mom got me used to it, but I still don't enjoy it.
So, when I say I let Mom hold me, understand that it's a big deal.
I not only let her hold me, I enjoyed it.
I'm not saying I was driven to purring or anything, but it was nice.

Then the reality sunk in that it was Wednesday.

Here I had wasted all my sweet time with Mom when it was Wednesday;
the day Mom leaves me alone for hours.

So she carried me into the house, said a quick goodbye, and left.

By the time Daddy brought her home I had already left evidence of my
unbearable loneliness.

Mimzy was in my food bowl.

Now, Mimzy's an okay substitute, but having Mom 
watch over me while I eat is better.
Having both Mimzy and Mom...

...even better!

After that I let Mom hold me again.
She stood in front of the door that has the 
window so I could see out.
I was genuinely content in her arms.
(Still not about to purr about it, though.)

Then Mom and Daddy left again.
Seriously, people?!
Fortunately they weren't gone long.
It was just a quick walk to the grocery store.

As soon as they got back, 
Mom agreed to take me on a brief nighttime recon.

I guess she's figured out that when days go by 
and I don't get my nighttime recon,  it affects me.

I get really insecure.

So a nighttime recon is exactly what I needed.

Mom was happy to see me calm and collected.
She tried to take a nice photo of me as evidence,
but I moved my head at the last second.

You can still see how cute my paws are, though!

Upon our return to the indoors,
I got to settle in for a little nap on Mom's lap.

Now if I can just get her to stay home...