Friday, October 4, 2013

Another Day of Boredom

Today I expected better.

We went to get the mail during the day once again.
I wasn't ready for that and begged to go home promptly.

I enjoyed the outdoors for a bit.

I pounced on a bug and settled a little further out.

Then I got cold and went
back in the house.
I wanted to be near Mom and in my
Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

I had to compromise.

Daddy was home early again.
I guess he's on a new schedule.
So that's nice.
I get to see him more.

Then it happened.
The Teenagers started arriving.

How could I forget it was THAT day?

I watched them from the dining room.

While they were watching their show I started playing with
my Chewbacca-Mouse.
I carried him from the bedroom to the dining room.
I played with him until Mom picked up the camera.
Then I was done.

I vied for Mom's attention.
I couldn't find my indoor grass.
I had forgotten that Mom had set it in the window.
But she figured out what I wanted!
Thanks, Mom!

I love it so much I knocked it over.

Most of the Teenagers went home.
Except for Nice Boy and...we'll call her Giggle Girl.
So I tried to get Mom to take me on a
nighttime walk.


Maybe tomorrow.