Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Melancholy Wednesday

Today I was a bit melancholy.

Mom actually sat outside with me for a bit.
We haven't been doing that much these days
since autumn began.

 Mom got me into my harness and leash then let me walk
to the tasty plant.

She told me we had to go get the mail and picked me up.
I hissed at her.
She grabbed my scruff, (not too hard),
and scolded me.
She got her way.

We stopped off in the office on the way back.
We hadn't done that in awhile either!
Nice Lady 2 was there.
She was really happy to see me,
but I was too restless to enjoy it.

After we got home, it didn't seem like long before those 
people came and took Mom away.
She was gone for hours!
Daddy came home, but he couldn't console me.

I was missing Mom something terrible!
Finally Daddy took me in the car to that place.
Mom was there!

So were all the teenagers!
Mom took me to say 'hello' to all of them.

Then it was back in the car for the night ride home.

sorry it's so dark
Mom just wanted to eat dinner when we got home.
Then those people that take her away on Wednesdays came over!
They actually stayed for a bit, so I got to smell them.
I guess they're OK.

After they left I begged to go outside.

But now Mom just wants to stay in.

I guess I'll just remain melancholy and sit
behind Mom on the couch.

At least she's home now.