Thursday, October 10, 2013

I iz a Brat!

Today didn't go how I wanted.
Does it ever?

I got to sleep in. So that was good.

But the rest of the day...
I was not pleased!

Box of Rebellion

All I wanted to do was go outside.
Mom and Daddy went outside, but they left me.
That's not fair!

When they came back they did things like
make and eat dinner and sit and watch something on the computer.
All things I care nothing about!

After much complaining,
I sat on the back of the couch.

Then, the second Daddy got out of his chair to go into the kitchen,
I stole it!

When he came back he asked if I was sitting on his phone.

You moved, Daddy!  It's all mine now!
He tried to take it from me...

I fought back and got scolded.
(Daddy doesn't scold very harshly, so I remained stubborn!)

But he finally won.

I had to settle for the couch.

At least Mom had laid the blanket out for me.

Mom did play with me for a bit.
Then I ran into my room and found my indoor grass.

But I'd like to remind everyone that I still want outside!

I stood on the dining chair and meowed repeatedly.

Then I ran amok and pounded on the door.

What do I have to do around here to get what I want, Mom?

My will is strong.
I will have my way!