Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Not Busy Day

Today I didn't want to get my day going.

Don't wanna get going.

I did pretty much nothing all day.
Mom didn't even take me to the mailbox.

At night I settled in Daddy's lap. Not Mom's.

Then Mom tripped over my tunnel box and crushed it.
I got scared and jumped out of Daddy's lap.
I think she did that because she was jealous.

Then I pouted for awhile, staring at the back door.

Then I started meowing to get Mom's attention.

I made her follow me.

We all know I need someone to watch over
me while I eat.

Since I got what I wanted that time...
I tried again.
This time I asked for a nighttime walk.

It worked!
Harness on!

Door open!


I don't want you to think I'm content with that.

We weren't out there long enough.
So I started meowing loudly for more!

You were doing so well, Mom!