Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lazy Autumn

Today was definitely autumn.

(this photo is from later in the day, when Mom and Daddy left me)

Mom took me outside as usual.

But everything smelled different.

It was pretty nice out,
so I stayed for a bit.

I even saw a bug.
I sniffed it...

but it kept trying to fight back.

No matter how many times I tried.
(weird bug)

I eventually gave up and went inside.
I decided to go sun myself in the window
were it was safer.

Mom was nice and gave me some well deserved attention.

But then she and Daddy left me.
I stayed in the window and watched them go.

I was glad when they returned.
Mom invited me to sit with her.

I accepted the offer.

I took a really nice nap there in her lap.

Of course, I had to wake up eventually.

Mom started trying to film me,
but I just saw the camera strap as a toy.

I'm not letting go, Mom!

I got it! I got it!

Oh, you let it loose!
I'll get it!

Now I've got the hypers!

Of course, this is just going to lead
to me wanting to go out and enjoy the nighttime!

And now,
my incessant meowing shall commence!