Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Well Trained Human

Today I started off with a good sunning in the window.

But the sun didn't last forever.

I got up and made sure Mom knew I was bored.

She consented to play with me.

We played with fish-on-a-string!

She even made a fort for me with the couch cushions.

When evening came,
Mom took me for a walk!

We stopped back at home to drop off the mail.
Mom let go of my leash,
but I was a good boy and waited patiently 
at the edge of the patio.

When she came back out
we walked around the building to the front door.

Then Mom sat outside with me.

She went inside for a second and I followed her.
I wanted to make sure she wasn't going to leave me.

But she came back out!

We stayed outside for awhile...

until I was ready to go inside.
I meowed at her to come in with me.
She's getting good at understanding me.

Well done, human.
Well done.