Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mostly Good

Today was nice...mostly.
I started out in the bedroom window.

What was that? ... Oh. Nothing.

Yep.  This is good!

We made the usual trip to the mail and office.
Mom talked to Nice Lady 2 for quite awhile.
I didn't mind.

When we got home I had a great roll on the sidewalk.

Of course, it's Wednesday.
So that guy came and took Mom away.

But it wasn't long before Daddy got home.
I was curled up on a dining room chair.
Daddy gave me some loving!
I was so happy I rolled and squirmed.

Then it happened.

I rolled right off the chair!
Then my paw got caught in the chair!
I didn't make it to the ground.
I hung there by my front paw!

Daddy helped me right away,
but I had to run and hide because
I was so overcome with emotion.

Daddy felt bad.
That's two days in a row when I was
trying to snuggle with Daddy and something
went horribly awry.

Eventually he went to get Mom.
Then Daddy took me for a walk!

Mom came too,
but Daddy did the leash holding.

I walked around the building and went in the front.

Then we went out the back again.

I had some tasty plant.

Back inside, I went into
the Box of Rebellion
before Daddy could take off the harness and leash.

Now that that's done....

Nighttime walk please!