Sunday, October 6, 2013

I Feel...Blah

Today I was a bit...

While Mom and Daddy were gone
this morning, I put Mimzy in my food bowl.

When they got home,
I slept.

Then some strangers came over.
Mom acted like she was really happy to see them.
Strangers, Mom! Strangers.
They made me a little nervous.
I called for Mom, but she ignored me.

They left after a bit.

I still felt...

I pouted on the couch for a long time.

Then I moved to the Box of Rebellion (non-ultimate)

When it got dark outside,
Mom and Daddy let me out on the tether.

Then Auntie and Uncle came over.
It did little to change my mood.

Every time I wanted to eat my food or indoor grass,
I made Mom come watch me.

Mostly I slept in the armchair.
Uncle wrapped me in the blanket.

Here's a montage of me being cute while trying to sleep:

See how long my fingers are?
Yep, they're cool.

Eventually I got up and sat in the window.

But ultimately, I'm still...just...blah.
I just don't know what I want.