Sunday, October 13, 2013

Make it Right

Last night I sort of failed at my attempt to put
Mimzy in the food bowl.

Today I made up for it.
Not only did I put Mimzy in the food bowl....
I also brought Yoda-Mouse close for good measure.

Mom questioned my choice...

I have to surround myself with toys, Mom.

Well, this is my face when Mom tells me she and Daddy
will be leaving me for awhile:

This it my face when the reality of it sinks in:

I guess it's OK.
Mom made it up to me later with a nighttime walk.


As soon as we were done, (the second time),
I asked to go out again.

So Mom let me out on the tether.

You're not coming with me, Mom?

Oh well.  I guess I'll make the best of it.

I finally came inside to get some love.

But the lure of the outdoors is hard to shake.

I'm sorry, Mom, I just can't give it up!
More outside please!