Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Boredom Sets In

Today was different.
Sort of.

Finally!  It wasn't raining.
So I started off my day sunning in the window.

Mom showed me my Big Brother's favorite toys.
(That's what they call the cat that lived with them before me)

Then my favorite Auntie came over!
She and Mom got ready to take me to the mailbox.
I trotted away and hid in a new spot.
(Since my room has been rearranged)

But they got their way.

Auntie took a lot of my videos and pictures today.

I wanted to leave the mailbox before Mom was done.

Then we went into the office to visit with the Nice Ladies.

I wanted to go home.

Finally Mom let me off the leash!
I didn't make it easy for her.

I wandered off.

Then I sat in the hallway waiting impatiently.

I tried to get Auntie to let me out.

She didn't.
So I walked away.

Finally Mom got done talking and they let me outside.

When we got home,
I went into my Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

I didn't even give Mom a chance to take off my harness.

Then I remembered I had indoor grass.

Daddy came home.
At first they all ignored me.

So I ignored them.

I sat in the chair and wished for outside.

I felt like I was in jail.

They even left the house for awhile.
While they were gone, Nice Boy came to the door.
But I couldn't let him in, so he left.

Mom, Daddy and Auntie came home.
They watched a TV show.
I insisted they pay attention to me.
So Mom played with me and I did some amazing jumps!
Off camera, of course.

When they were done with their show,
they hung out with Computer Aunt.

I wanted to go outside.

I tried to get their attention by being cute.

Why are humans so difficult to train?