Thursday, October 17, 2013

Window to Window

Today I started with a good snooze in the bedroom window.

Soon, however, Mom opened the outside door and tempted me.

We went to get the mail per usual.
Then into the office.
Nice Lady 1 was back.
I hadn't seen her in a while.
Her office was all rearranged.

I don't like it when things get moved around.
So I wandered off.

There were people in the workout room.
They weirded me out.

When Mom was finally done talking to Nice Lady
I got to have a good roll on the sidewalk.

When we got home I climbed up into my
Ultimate Box of Rebellion
so I could watch Mom do her chores from
a good vantage point.

When she was done she settled in the armchair.
I'm really getting quite fond of Mom,
so I curled up in her lap.

Monday Aunt came over for a few hours.
When Monday Uncle came and took her away
I climbed into the dining room window.

This is me pining for the outside at night:

Come on, Mom!
It's been days since you took me on a good
nighttime walk!