Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Want My Way!

Today wasn't my day.
It was all about the humans.

I started off my day with some indoor grass.

Then Nice Boy came over.
Then Daddy came home.
Then I got ignored.

Then Monday Aunt came over.

I tried to entertain myself,
but my bouncy ball kept going underneath the stove.

I tried to get Mom to pay attention to me.

I settled down for a bit to watch Doctor Who with them.
Then I challenged Mom for the boss position.
She won.

Eventually I just couldn't take it.
I wanted outside!

Finally all the extra humans went home.

Mom offered me my harness.
I was glad to accept it.

Mom took me to get the mail at night again.

I found another tasty plant outside.

But Mom made me go home earlier than I wanted.

Mom said it was too cold for her to sit out there with me.
I don't know what 34°F means.

To make matters worse,
there was an intruder cat outside.

I couldn't take my eyes off him.


Tomorrow I will get what I want.