Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Back of the Couch

Today was unbearable.

Day 3 of the blahs.

I spent most of my day on the back of the couch.

after hour...

after hour.

Mom tried to play with me briefly.
I say she gave up too soon.
She calls it "fake playing".

(Mom's note: Fake playing is when Winchester looks
VERY interested in pouncing;  tail wagging, butt wiggling...
but he NEVER pounces!)

Eventually I asked to go outside.
I wasn't stupid, I looked out the window...

and saw that it was wet.

So I asked to be let out the front door!

It was dry here.

But then I wandered too far.
Wet, wet, wet!
Let me in!

Mom took me to get the mail.
I got my paws wet!

When we got back inside I stared at the wet outside.

See how I feel about it?

I want to go outside, but...sigh.

Auntie and Uncle came over.
Auntie opened the door for me.
Um...I just wanted to look out the window!

It's still wet you know!

This just made me restless.
I finally decided not to wait on the humans
and began to entertain myself.

Definitely tomorrow.
These blahs will be gone!