Saturday, October 12, 2013

Not My Usual Caturday

Today Mom left with Nice Boy,
but they came back after only a short while.
They had that girl with them I'd forgotten about.
I think she used to live nearby.

She's nice, but I didn't know how to behave around her.
So I went to bed.
The TARDIS blanket was all mine!
And so was the bed!
Why haven't I done this before?

Hmmm....maybe because it's lonely.
So I got up and snuggled with Daddy on the chair.

After a few hours, Mom came and took me from Daddy.
She put my car harness on right away,
but I wasn't awake enough to understand what was happening.

This is my "grumpy because you woke me" face.

Nice Boy was already gone and we got in the car with the girl.

Oh! Nighttime car ride!

I guess we're taking her home.
She lives further away now...
no wonder I don't see her much.

When we got home, I wanted to stay outside.

Well, if we can't go that way...
can we go this way?

Mom insisted on going home.
But I had to stop and smell this bush for a long time.

Of course, Mom and Daddy were waiting for me,
and it was chilly outside.
So I agreed to go inside.

Home sweet home!

I came in!
Now can I go out?


Mom's just not going for it.

I'll just pout then.

Maybe the guilt will get to her eventually.