Thursday, October 24, 2013

When Are We Going to DO Something?

Today started off normal.

Then Nice Boy came and took Mom away.
When they came home, Daddy was soon to follow.

I curled up in Daddy's lap for a bit.
Surely it was safe today.
I was there for about an hour before Mom stood up
to take a photo...
can you believe she tripped again?!
I really think she's doing it out of jealousy.

I stayed on the back of the couch where it was safe.

But then Mom took a nap and I couldn't resist
 to snuggle with her.

If I'm on her lap she can't trip and scare me!

Of course, daytime is just that thing
I have to wait through until it's time for
a nighttime walk.

So let the whining commence!

I want to go out this door...

Must I repeat myself?

I'm only sitting on this chair meowing...

until you take me outside!

Please, Mom!

I'm only sitting on this chair 
until you take me outside!

This is getting tiresome, Mom!

I'll give you until the blog is done,
but then I'm going to remind you that we
haven't even been to check the mail today!