Friday, October 25, 2013

Taking My Time

Today I took my time with everything.

I was in no hurry.

Mom came and pulled me from my window
to go get the mail.

Of course, we stopped at the office to visit
the two Nice Ladies.

They were happy to see me as usual.
Mom didn't have the camera because it needed charging.
So I took advantage of not being filmed.
I was really cute and content in the office.

I wandered around and smelled everything.
Especially this box behind Nice Lady 1's desk.
I did not want to leave.
Mom actually had to call me again and again.

I finally went home and enjoyed the nice day.

Before I knew it that guy came and took Mom away again!
It's not the right day for that!
I thought the teenagers were coming here!
I got a nice quiet evening with Daddy instead.
But I missed Mom.

Daddy had to go to bed early and
Mom wasn't home yet!

Then finally she came home!

But she smelled weird.
I mean, she had all kinds of smells on her!
Mostly she smelled like campfire, though.

I thought,
'If you've been outside all night when's my turn?'

But she said she was too tired.
I suppose I'll just be happy she's home.