Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fun in the Office

Today I started off with my new obsession.

I meow and meow at Mom,
but when she "comes to watch me eat"
I walk right past my food bowl and jump straight
onto the window sill and demand that she pet me.

Later she filmed me jumping onto the fridge.
She expected I would just climb into my
Ultimate Box of Rebellion and settle down.

Much to her regret and my relief she stopped
filming.  What actually happened immediately
after this jump was me loosing my footing
and falling off the fridge, 
taking half the magnets with me.

Now, at least, my humiliation won't be smeared
all over the interwebs.

We made our usual trip to the mail
and stopped to visit the Nice Ladies in the office.

Nice Lady 2 started making noise in the corner,
so I started to walk away,
feeling a bit unnerved...

then I realized I was interested in what she was doing
and walked back.

She was trimming the plant!
You can see her hiding behind it trying not to
startle me as I investigate.

They let me play there for a bit.
Mom even joined in.

She toyed with me using bits of the plant.

Nice Lady 2 started picking up the fall leaves
that had blown in through the door.
I checked to see if it was going to be
as fun as the plant trimmings.

But it wasn't.
So I went back to playing.
Mom got me spinning in circles!

I had to rest after awhile.

By the time we went home,
I only had a few squirms to get out
of my system.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be the day
that guy comes and takes Mom away.

I sat near Daddy all evening until he went to get her.

As soon as she was home,
I lured her to the window again.

Now I'm just going to stare
at her until she takes me for a nighttime walk.