Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One Track Mind

Today I slept in and took it easy.
Then Daddy came home and Mom left.

I was glad Daddy was home,
but I missed Mom.
I lazed about until she got home.

When she finally came home I expected her
to take me for a nighttime walk.

She muttered something about wanting dinner first.

Finally!  She put the harness and leash on me!
Let's go, Mom!

Out we went!

But she didn't go the direction I wanted.
We had a bit of a stand-off.

Then we went to get the mail.

We came right home afterward.

I got hyper.

And whiney.

And rebellious.

I meowed incessantly.

Then she finally let me back outside.

It was cold.
And wet.

I came back inside.

She left the door open, so I rethought going outside.

This is as far as I got:

Mom made me come inside again.

Listen, Mom.  I don't care if cold air gets in the house.

I'm going to pout about it until bedtime.