Monday, October 7, 2013

Continued Blahs

Today was uneventful.
Mom and Daddy were both home today.

I was reluctant to get out of bed.

But Mom forced me to get up for the usual trip
to the mailbox and office.
I wandered around until Mom was ready to go home.

It was kind of nice outside,
so Mom let me enjoy it for awhile.

Feels like autumn.

When I came back inside I went back to bed.

Mom and Daddy were feeling 'blah' today.
So eventually I snuggled next to Mom in the armchair.

I wasn't very content, though.

I tried to sleep anyway.

The Monday People came over.
A blanket ended up on the floor in front of Mom.
I couldn't resist it.

Daddy tried to film my cuteness,
but I made sure to stay in the shadows.

After awhile I started running around the house.
As soon as Mom picked up the camera I stopped.

I can't let the humans get what they want.

Especially when I don't get what I want.
I sat in my Box of Rebellion and meowed
until Mom came to me.

Then I showed her what I wanted.
Nighttime walk, of course!
That's not going to change until it gets too cold even for me.