Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Not My Birthday

Today is not my birthday.

Mom opened the door, but it was still a bit chilly.

We went on the usual walk to get the mail.
Both Nice Ladies were in the office!

Nice Lady 2 gave me some much deserved attention.

I allowed it.

I tried to get Mom to go home, but she
visited too long.

Eventually I decided to try my best to pretend
I was already outside.

She got the hint.

Once outside I gave into the pull of the sidewalk.

The rest of the day I spent napping.

Mom hung out with Computer Aunt.
After awhile I decided to join the hangout.

I even graced Mom's lap with my presence.

After a bit I decided to sit half on the computer
so I could see better.

I begged to go on a nighttime walk,
but Mom still complains about the cold and won't take me.

I guess I'll just sit in her lap until her leg falls asleep.
Then maybe she'll give in to the need for a walk.