Monday, October 21, 2013

Busy Day

Today started off with a good play
in the dining room.

Bouncy ball!

When it came time to check the mail...
I tried to avoid Mom by going into the bedroom.

But we went anyway.

OK, I guess today is nice out.

We visited Nice Lady in the office.
I explored a bit.

There we people in the workout room.
I stared.

I found an interesting plant next to some
Halloween candy.

I was more interested in the plant.

When Mom was ready to go, I wasn't.
(That's different!)

But once we were outside I got in another good roll.

Mom trusted me to sit on the sidewalk untethered.
Of course, I was never out of her sight.

She would never allow this at night!

Then Mom and Daddy wanted to go get some food.

Time for a car ride!

Once we got there,
Mom put me in my Traveling Bag so I would
feel secure.

I was good with that.

Then suddenly, before Mom was done eating,
I decided it was time to go.

Mom called me back to my Bag.

Then we went home and evening came.

All  4 of my Aunts and Uncles came over!

Auntie tried to get me to play.

I put forth little effort.

I brief surge of energy...

Then back to half-hearted playing.

I settled in the armchair.

Ultimately I still wanted the usual.

Of course I had to settle for sitting on the back
of the armchair behind Auntie.

After such an eventful day you'd think I'd be
in want of nothing.

But I'm a cat.