Sunday, October 20, 2013


Today Mom and Daddy left in the morning.

While they were gone I played with 
Mimzy and Chewbacca-Mouse all
over the house!

I was happy when they came home.
Daddy sat in the armchair for a bit,
but a soon as he got up I stole it!

He actually let me have it!

After a brief nap I followed Mom into the bedroom.
I had to investigate my plants.
I don't think they're doing very well.

Mom! I'm doing it!
Back off!

I played with that shiny thing for a bit.

another nap followed by
some window sill time.

But before I knew it
Mom and Daddy were leaving me again!

You've only been home for like,
6 hours!

They were gone FOREVER!

I was good and restless when they finally returned.
But no sooner had they arrived when
those people that take Mom away on Wednesdays
showed up.
The guy tried to pet me,
but I hid under the table.

Fortunately they didn't stay long.

Now I can get down to business!

Let the whining begin!

Look outside for a bit.

plop down in a huff.

Then get up again
and wander around the house
meowing loudly!

Then stare impatiently outside again...

Come on, Mom!

I'm pretty sure everyone who reads
this blog already knows what I want!

Get with the program, Mom!